Großer Eutiner See

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Großer Eutiner See
Eutin - Fasaneninsel - Utin.jpg
The Große Eutiner See - Pheasant Island
Location Holstein Switzerland
Coordinates 54°08′36″N 10°38′14″E / 54.143333°N 10.637341°E / 54.143333; 10.637341Coordinates: 54°08′36″N 10°38′14″E / 54.143333°N 10.637341°E / 54.143333; 10.637341
Primary inflows Schwentine
Primary outflows Schwentine
Surface area 2.3 km2 (0.89 sq mi)
Max. depth 17 m (56 ft)
Surface elevation 26.7 m (88 ft)
Settlements Eutin
View from the Bebensund Bridge of the eastern part of the Fissauer Bucht with its bathing facilities

The Großer Eutiner See is a lake in Holstein Switzerland, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It lies northeast of the town of Eutin.

It has an area of 230 hectares (570 acres), is up to 17 metres deep and lies at a height of about 26.7 m above sea level (NN). It northern side borders directly on the woods of the Seeschaarwald. In the western part of the lake, separated by the Bebensund Bridge, the Fissauer Bucht, its main inflow, the River Schwentine enters, and then leaves again a little further west. For boating enthusiasts the Schwentine is only navigable upstream as far as the Großer Eutiner See.

There are two islands in the Großer Eutiner See: Pheasant Island (Fasaneninsel) on which the origins of the settlement in that area are located, and which used to be a visual axis point for the former baroque garden at Eutin Castle and which has been re-occupied today and is in private hands, and the so-called Liebesinsel ("Love Island").

Musicals take place during the summer in the castle garden on the shore of the Großer Eutiner See.

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