Großer Plöner See (Amt)

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Großer Plöner See
Großer Plöner See is located in Germany
Großer Plöner See
Großer Plöner See
Location of the Großer Plöner See Amt within Plön district (Bosau, Kreis Ostholstein shaded)
Amt Grosser Ploener See in PLOE.png
Coordinates: 54°10′N 10°25′E / 54.167°N 10.417°E / 54.167; 10.417Coordinates: 54°10′N 10°25′E / 54.167°N 10.417°E / 54.167; 10.417
Country Germany
State Schleswig-Holstein
District Plön and Ostholstein
 • Amtsvorsteher Gerold Fahrenkrog
 • Total 187.83 km2 (72.52 sq mi)
Population (2016-12-31)[1]
 • Total 4,572
 • Density 24/km2 (63/sq mi)
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Vehicle registration PLÖ, OH
Website www.amt-grosser-

Großer Plöner See is an Amt ("collective municipality") in the districts of Plön and Ostholstein in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is situated around Plön, which is the seat of the Amt, but not part of it. The Amt is named after the lake Großer Plöner See.


It is one of the two Ämter (with Itzstedt) in Germany that joins municipalities into two different districts, but only Bosau is located in Ostholstein.


The Amt Großer Plöner See consists of the following municipalities:

  1. Bosau (Ostholstein district)
  2. Dersau
  3. Dörnick
  4. Grebin
  5. Kalübbe
  6. Lebrade
  7. Nehmten
  8. Rantzau
  9. Rathjensdorf
  10. Wittmoldt


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