Groat Road

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Groat Road is located in Edmonton
Groat Road
Groat Road
Start/End points of Groat Road
Groat Road
Maintained by the City of Edmonton
Length 5.9 km (3.7 mi)
Location Edmonton
South end 87 Avenue / Saskatchewan Drive
Saskatchewan Drive, Emily Murphy Park Road, Victoria Park Road, 107 Avenue, 111 Avenue, 118 Avenue
North end 118 Avenue / St. Albert Trail
Groat Road, looking south from 102 Avenue.

Groat Road is a freeway in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

At a roundabout west of the University of Alberta, Edmonton's river valley road Saskatchewan Drive branches Groat Road to the north and heads down into the river valley. Here Groat Road crosses the North Saskatchewan River on Groat Bridge. It then winds through a gorge, formerly occupied by the now culverted Groat Creek, before reaching the flat plains at the top of the valley.[1] The route ends, and becomes St. Albert Trail, at 118 Avenue (at a traffic circle with traffic lights).

Because of their short lengths, Wayne Gretzky Drive and Groat Road will be the only freeways in Edmonton not to have a highway designation, until the completion of Terwillegar Drive.


List of neighbourhoods Groat Road runs through, in order from south to north.[2]

Interchanges and intersections[edit]

Groat Road currently has six interchanges (bold), giving it freeway status for the 4.1 kilometres (2.5 mi) from 87 Avenue to 109 Avenue.[2]

Direction Intersecting road Current intersection type Coordinates
South-North 87 Avenue / Saskatchewan Drive Roundabout 53°31′22″N 113°32′26″W / 53.52278°N 113.54056°W / 53.52278; -113.54056 (Groat x Saskatchewan)
Emily Murphy Park Road (to William Hawrelak Park and Saskatchewan Drive) Diamond T interchange 53°31′56″N 113°32′17″W / 53.53222°N 113.53806°W / 53.53222; -113.53806 (Groat x Murphy)
River Valley Road Partial cloverleaf interchange 53°32′18″N 113°32′16″W / 53.53833°N 113.53778°W / 53.53833; -113.53778 (Groat x Valley)
Victoria Park Road (100 Avenue) Directional T interchange 53°32′24″N 113°32′17″W / 53.54000°N 113.53806°W / 53.54000; -113.53806 (Groat x Victoria)
102 Avenue Overpass 53°32′35″N 113°32′25″W / 53.54306°N 113.54028°W / 53.54306; -113.54028 (Groat x 102)
Stony Plain Road Overpass 53°32′52″N 113°32′45″W / 53.54778°N 113.54583°W / 53.54778; -113.54583 (Groat x Stony)
107 Avenue Diamond interchange 53°33′4″N 113°32′59″W / 53.55111°N 113.54972°W / 53.55111; -113.54972 (Groat x 107)
111 Avenue At-grade (traffic lights) 53°33′32″N 113°33′5″W / 53.55889°N 113.55139°W / 53.55889; -113.55139 (Groat x 111)
114 Avenue At-grade (traffic lights) 53°33′48″N 113°33′5″W / 53.56333°N 113.55139°W / 53.56333; -113.55139 (Groat x 114)
118 Avenue Traffic light controlled traffic circle 53°34′13″N 113°32′58″W / 53.57028°N 113.54944°W / 53.57028; -113.54944 (Groat x 118)


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