Groom Range

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Groom Range
A portion of Groom Range with highest peak in the center.
Highest point
Elevation 2,819 m (9,249 ft)
Groom Range is located in Nevada
Groom Range
Location of Groom Range in Nevada [1]
Country United States
State Nevada
District Lincoln County
Range coordinates 37°27′00″N 115°44′05″W / 37.45°N 115.7348°W / 37.45; -115.7348Coordinates: 37°27′00″N 115°44′05″W / 37.45°N 115.7348°W / 37.45; -115.7348
Topo map USGS Groom Range

The Groom Range is a mountain range in Lincoln County, Nevada.[1] It is located within the Nevada Test and Training Range, north of Groom Dry Lake. The highest point in the Groom Range is 9,249 feet. The Groom Range is situated 26.6 miles north of the dry Groom Lake.