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Groom of the Robes is an office in the Royal Household of the Sovereign of England (later Great Britain, ultimately the United Kingdom). In 1953, the Groom of the Robes to Elizabeth II had the task of bringing forward the robes and other items of ceremonial clothing worn by the monarch at various points in the coronation service, ready to hand them over to the Mistress of the Robes and the Lord Great Chamberlain (who assisted The Queen in putting them on) and to receive and remove those which were no longer required.

The post was in abeyance after 1954, although an Equerry was usually designated 'Acting Groom of the Robes' on occasions (such as the State Opening of Parliament) when robes are worn. It returned to active use for the Coronation of Charles III in 2023 when Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Thompson was appointed.

List of Grooms of the Robes[edit]


Henry VIII[edit]

Edward VI[edit]

  • Robert Robotham


Edward VII[edit]

George V[edit]

George VI[edit]

Elizabeth II[edit]

Charles III[edit]

  • Lt Col Jonathan Thompson 2023–Present[10]

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