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Groove Awards trophy, 2012
Gloria Muliro, Bob Collymore and Willy Paul at the 2013 awards

The Groove Awards is a Kenyan annual Gospel award. The winners are chosen by the public. In 2013 there were 29 different categories, including gospel performers, DJs, radio and TV shows, and producers.[1] The award's coverage has spread to include other East African countries,[1] including Rwanda.[2] It is sponsored by Safaricom and MoSound Events.[3] The first Groove Awards were presented in 2004, at a small gathering. It has since grown to be a live-broadcast event courtesy of media sponsors. To date, more than 1,200 artists/groups have been nominated and 270 Groove statuettes presented to exemplary Gospel musicians in Kenya and the larger East African region. The 8th awards ceremony, held on 1 June 2013, was attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta.[4] The Groove Awards 2014 will be presented on 1 June 2014, at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi, Kenya under the theme, 'Let Your Light Shine'(LYLS), derived from Matthew 5:16.

Groove Camp[edit]

Initiated in 2013, Groove Camp,[5] a 3-day annual forum, unites, equips and raises the standards of gospel musicians and gatekeepers by equipping them with relevant skills to improve their craft and ministry. The camp draws more than 150 artists and 15 facilitators who tackle issues concerning the music ministry and industry.

The second Annual Groove Camp was held in April 2014 and featured new and seasoned gospel artists, many of whom were named nominees of the 2014 Groove Awards.[6] Borrowing from the Groove Awards 2014 theme, 'Let Your Light Shine' (LYLS), derived from Matthew 5:16, the camp's purpose was to ignite in the hearts and minds of artists, a conversation that will keep burning throughout the year.

Attendance at the Groove Camp is by application.[7]

Groove Tours[edit]

Each year, Groove Awards nominees stage performances in selected towns and cities in Kenya to popularize the upcoming awards and win the public's favour. These events are sponsored by Safaricom and are broadcast to the public live on partner mainstream tv stations K24 TV and previously on NTV and KTN

Groove Awards 2016 Winners[edit]

  1. Male Artist Of The Year - LJay Maasai
  2. Female Artist Of The Year - Mercy Masika
  3. Group Of The Year - Kelele Takatifu
  4. New Artist Or Group Of The Year - Mash Mwana
  5. Song Of The Year - Mercy Masika – Nikupendeze
  6. Worship Song Of The Year - Evelyn Wanjiru – Nikufahamu
  7. Reggae Or Ragga Song Of The Year - JFAM & Omari – Wave
  8. Hiphop Song Of The Year - Maluda (Feat. Juliani) – Easy
  9. Album Of The Year - Mercy D. Lai – Emmanuel
  10. Afro-Pop Song Of The Year - Magic Mike & Kris Erroh – Ayaya
  11. East & Central African Artist Of The Year - Christina Shusho – Tanzania
  12. Collabo Of The Year - Everlyne Wanjiru & Vicky Kitonga – Tulia
  13. Video Of The Year - Size 8 – Afadhali Yesu
  14. Gospel Radio Show Of The Year - Gospel Sunday – Milele FM
  15. Radio Presenter Of The Year - Eva Mwalili – Milele FM
  16. DJ Of The Year - Dj Ruff
  17. Talent To Watch - DJ Covenant
  18. Gospel TV Show Of The Year - The Switch – K24.[8]
  19. Song Of The Year Rift Counties - Pst.Samuel Somorei – Ashe Mpapa
  20. Song Of The Year Coastal Counties - Faith Mwikali – Ushindi
  21. Song Of The Year Eastern Counties - Stephen Kasolo – Ngai Niwukilasya
  22. Song Of The Year Western Counties - Timothy Kitui – Njingula
  23. Song Of The Year Central Counties - Phylis Mbuthia – Githe Tiwe
  24. Song Of The Year Nyanza Counties - Fenny Kerubo – Abasani B’ Omusunte
  25. Western Africa Artist Of The Year - Sinach – Nigeria
  26. Southern Africa Artist Of The Year - Joyous Celebration – South Africa
  27. Skiza ringback tone of the Year - Mercy Masika – Mwema
  28. Songwriter of the Year - Pitson
  29. Audio producer of the Year - Saint P
  30. Dance Group of the Year - Jims and Dims
  31. Video producer of the Year - Sammy Dee
  32. Outstanding contributor of the Year - Rap Community

Groove Awards 2014 Winners[edit]

  1. Male Artist of the Year is BAHATI
  2. Female Artist of the Year award goes to SARAH K.
  3. Skiza RBT (Ringback Tone) of the Year - Loise Kim
  4. Song of the Year - 'Lingala Ya Yesu' by Pitson
  5. Outstanding Contributor to the Gospel Music Industry – Kanyotu
  6. Songwriter of the Year - Sarah K
  7. Eastern Song of the Year - 'Kitole' by Stephen Kasolo
  8. Hip Hop Song of the Year - 'Wannabe' by Dee & Holy Dave
  9. Video Producer of the Year - Sammy Dee
  10. Radio Show of the Year - 'Gospel Sunday' on Milele FM
  11. DJ of the Year - DJ Mo
  12. Gospel TV Show of the Year - 'Crossover 101' on NTV
  13. New Artiste of the Year - L Jay Maasai
  14. Group of The Year - Nicholas Harmonies.
  15. Radio Presenter of the Year - Anthony Ndiema of Radio Maisha
  16. Album of the Year - 'Kirathimo' by Grace Mwai
  17. Best Song from Coast - 'Ahadi za Bwana' by Pastor Anthony Musembi
  18. Dance Group of the Year - Gospel Warriors
  19. Rift Valley Song of the Year - 'Laleiyo' by Ljay Maasai ft. Shiru Wa GP
  20. Video of the Year - 'Mateke' by Size 8
  21. Worship Song of the Year - 'Hakuna Silaha' by Sarah K
  22. Best Artiste from West Africa - 'Uche' from Nigeria
  23. Audio Producer of the Year - Jacky B
  24. Nyanza Song of the Year - 'Thuond Mula' by Christine Otieno
  25. Southern Africa Artiste of the Year - Pompi from Zambia
  26. Lifetime Achievement Award goes to the late Peter Kaberere.
  27. Collabo of the Year - Ngai Ti Mundu by Betty Bayo & Mr Seed
  28. Western Song of the Year - Khwekanile by Geofrey Kwatemba
  29. Best Artiste from East & Central Africa - Solomon Mkubwa, Tanzania
  30. Central Song of the Year - "Busy Busy" by Betty Bayo
  31. Ragga/Reggae song of the year - "Live Up" by HopeKid.[9]


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