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Groove Records was a subsidiary of RCA Victor records, founded by Billboard reporter Bob Rolontz (1921–2000) in 1953 as a rhythm and blues label.[1] The label tried hard to break into the R&B market. Piano Red was its first hit but Mickey & Sylvia was its first big seller. The label also recorded King Curtis, Arthur Crudup, Brook Benton and little George Benson.[2] Following Mickey & Sylvia's big hit "Love Is Strange" in 1957, Groove was deactivated and its remaining artists switched over to RCA's Vik subsidiary.

In 1961, Groove was revived with more of a country music bent, and some pop acts. It was given a full revival in 1963.[3] Artists who recorded for the later incarnation of Groove included Sonny James, Justin Tubb, Marty Paich, Johnny Nash, Jack Scott, Johnnie Ray, Skip Battin (of Skip & Flip fame), and Charlie Rich.[4] This version of the label lasted until 1965.

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