Groove Squad

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Groove Squad
Directed by Patrick A. Ventura
Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt
Kathleen Barr
Meghan Black
Tina Bush
Andrea Libman
Vanessa Morley
Cat Sides
Valerie Sing Turner
Theme music composer Andrea Franklin
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Olivier Callet
Emily Montaniel
Shannon Nettleton
Editor(s) Marylin Graf
Running time 80 minutes
Production company(s) DIC Entertainment
One Explosion Studios
Original release
  • 2002 (2002)

Groove Squad is a 2002 animated film which debuted as a part of Nickelodeon Sunday Movie Toons in late 2002. The squad consists of three hip cheerleaders and the team mascot. The Cheerleaders are accidentally turned into superheroes by a deranged genius. They must defeat the power-hungry mad scientist while struggling to win the annual cheerleading competition.


When a trio of cheerleaders gets zapped by a jolt of electricity while at a local hairdresser, a lot more changes than their hair style. Endowed with their superpowers like X-ray vision, Super Strength and the ability to Fly; cheerleaders Chrissy, Ping and Mackenzie soon finds themselves with a responsibility greater than winning the cheerleading competition—thwarting the evil Dr. Nightingale's plans for total world domination. As the trio explores their new found powers, they learn the value of teamwork and perseverance. Their powers can only be activated when they drink their fruit smoothies which also triggers the transformation. The Groove Squad Girls may be stereo typically obsessed with their looks and popularity, but like Kim Possible, the group quickly proves to be an athletic group of women serious about the sport of cheering and responsibility to society. Popular teen lingo pervades this feature-length presentation that's packed with humorous detail like flower power hippies, a fully equipped car à la James Bond, and a character who sounds like Austin Powers and Officer Tom Hanson.



Chrissy: She's the narrator of the story. She's the cool and kind-hearted team captain of the Wildcats' cheerleader team and also the leader of the heroine trio. She has super strength power when she's in her superhero form. She has a strong crush on Fernando. Her suit colour is red.

Ping: She's the sweet, but melodramatic member of the trio of super heroines. She has the ability to fly when she's in the superhero form. She has a crush on Zeke, and later she dates him. Her suit color is blue.

Mackenzie: Nicknamed "Mac", she's the intelligent and most mature member of the trio. She has X-Ray vision when she's on her superhero form. She later dates Adrien's friend from the prom. Her suit color is green.

Zeke: He's the best friend of the trio, and the mascot of the Wildcats' cheerleader team. Although he hasn't got superpowers, he's useful in the missions of the trio. He has a longtime crush on Ping, and later he dates her.

Adrien: He's Chrissy's cousin and a hairdresser in Bay City. But, secretly, he's a super secret spy. He guides the trio to defeat the evil Dr. Nightingale and his plans of world domination.


Dr. Nefarious Nightingale: He's the principal villain of the story, and Star's father. He wants world domination for so long, but the hero trio prevented if their plans are successful.

Larry: He's Dr. Nightingale's sidekick and a cyborg. He's cowardly and less intelligent, but loyal to his boss.

Flower Power: They're Dr. Nightingale's other sideckicks, three super-powered hippies with the mission to fight against the Groove Squad. The group are a one red-haired male, one blonde-bearded male and one afro-american female.

Other Characters

Star Nightingale: She's Chrissy, Ping and Mackenzie's enemy at high school. She wants to be the cheerleader team captain, no matter how. She's arrogant, spoiled and pompous. Like her worst enemy Chrissy, she has a crush on Fernando. She is also Dr. Nefarious Nightingale's daughter, and is just as evil.

Stacy and Roxanne: They're identical twins and Star's sidekicks. Although they're really not evil, they're easily manipulated, and they're always flatter Star and be in her plans to be cheerleader captain. They always speak at the same time.

Fernando: He's the Spanish quarterback at Bay City High, and Chrissy and Star's crush. He seems to be more interested in Chrissy rather than Star, as he tries to date her all the time.

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