Groove Squad

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Groove Squad
Directed by Patrick A. Ventura
Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt
Kathleen Barr
Meghan Black
Tina Bush
Andrea Libman
Vanessa Morley
Cat Sides
Valerie Sing Turner
Theme music composer Andrea Franklin
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Olivier Callet
Emily Montaniel
Shannon Nettleton
Editor(s) Marylin Graf
Running time 80 minutes
Production company(s) DIC Entertainment
One Explosion Studios
Original network Nickelodeon (United States)
Cartoon Network (Germany)
Disney Channel, Toon Disney, K2 and Frisbee (Italy)
Original release
  • 2002 (2002)

Groove Squad is a 2002 animated film which debuted as a part of Nickelodeon Sunday Movie Toons in late 2002. The titular squad consists of three high school cheerleaders (and best friends) who end up gaining superpowers (and ultimately use their new powers to become superheroines) after being accidentally zapped by a jolt of electricity from a deranged genius. With help from their team mascot and their hairstylist (who's an undercover super spy), the three cheerleaders learn to use their newfound powers (and hide their newfound identities) and defeat the power-hungry mad scientist while also struggling to win the annual cheerleading competition.


Chrissy, Ping and Mackenzie (nicknamed "Mac") are best friends who're also cheerleaders at Bay City High School in Bay City. One day, while at a hair salon where their friend, Adrien, works, the girls accidentally get zapped by a jolt of electricity, but a lot more changes than their hairstyles. The trio ends up gaining superpowers (superhuman strength, the ability to fly and X-ray vision) and soon find themselves facing a much greater responsibility than simply getting ready for prom and preparing for their upcoming cheerleading competition: thwarting the plans of total world domination by the evil Dr. Nightingale (who also happens to be the father of one of Chrissy, Ping and Mac's fellow cheerleaders).

As the trio explores their newfound powers, they learn the true value of teamwork and perseverance. Their powers can only be activated when they drink their fruit smoothies which also triggers their transformations. The Groove Squad-girls have interests befitting any other teenage girl (such as being concerned with their looks and popularity), but like Kim Possible, the group quickly proves to be an athletic group of women serious about the sport of cheerleading and responsibility to society.

Popular teen lingo pervades this feature-length presentation that's packed with humorous detail like flower power hippies, a fully equipped car à la James Bond, and a character who sounds like a cross between Austin Powers and Officer Tom Hanson.


The movie will be aired in the United States on Nickelodeon then broadcast on Disney Channel, Toon Disney, K2 and Frisbee (Italy), Cartoon Network (Germany)[citation needed]



Chrissy (Jennifer Love Hewitt): The cool and kind-hearted narrator of the story who, in addition to being the school cheerleading captain for Bay City High School, is also the leader of the titular superheroine group. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin, and gains the power of superhuman strength (and her supersuit is red). Chrissy has a strong crush on Fernando, the star quarterback for the Bay City High School-football team.

Ping (Valerie Sing Turner): One of Chrissy's two best friends, she's Asian-American and is the sweet but melodramatic member of the trio of superheroines. She has black hair, brown eyes and a light olive complexion, and gains the ability to fly when in her superhero form (and her supersuit is blue). Ping has a crush on Zeke (their team mascot), who returns her feelings, and who she later ends up dating.

Mackenzie (Bettina Bush): Nicknamed "Mac," she's one of Chrissy's two best friends and is the smartest and most mature of the trio. Mac's African-American (or multiracial), with dark skin, dark hair and green eyes. She gains the power of X-ray vision, and her supersuit is green. She ends up taking a friend of Adrien's to her high school prom and presumably ends up dating him.

Zeke (Andrew Francis): The best male friend of the trio who's also their high school mascot. Although he never gained superpowers like any of the girls, he ultimately proves to be a valuable ally, such as helping to keep their identities as superheroes a secret and helping them on missions. He has a crush on Ping, who feels the same way, and they later end up dating.

Adrien (Blu Mankuma): A hairdresser in Bay City who's also an undercover super spy and helps to guide the trio to defeat the evil Dr. Nightingale and his plans for world domination. Mac later ends up dating a young friend of his.


Dr. Nefarious Nightingale (Mackenzie Gray): The principal villain of the story who also happens to be Star's father. He's desperate for world domination, but is ultimately defeated by the Groove Squad.

Larry (Alec Willows): Dr. Nightingale's cyborg sidekick. He's cowardly and less intelligent, but loyal to his boss.

Flower Power: A trio of superpowered hippies who're Dr. Nightingale's other sidekicks. The group consists of two men (one's a redhead and the other is a blonde with a beard) and one woman (an African-American woman).

Other Characters[edit]

Star Nightingale (Meghan Carey Black): The arrogant, pompous and spoiled daughter of Dr. Nightingale and one of Chrissy, Ping and Mac's fellow cheerleaders at Bay City High School. Star has red hair, brown eyes and fair skin, and is arguably just as evil as father (if not more evil). Star's more of a rival to Chrissy than she is to Ping or Mac, being especially desperate about replacing Chrissy as their school cheerleading captain. Also like Chrissy, Star has a crush on Fernando, but unfortunately (for Star), Fernando seems to only have feelings for Chrissy.

Stacy and Roxanne (Vanessa Morley and Kathleen Barr, respectively): A pair of identical twin sisters (with brown hair, green eyes and tanned skin) who're also Star's best friends and two more of Chrissy, Ping and Mac's fellow cheerleaders. While the twins are eager to please Star and are always in on her plans to replace Chrissy as cheerleading captain, they really aren't evil--just very easily manipulated.

Fernando (Santo Lombardo): The handsome Hispanic quarterback for the Bay City High School-football team. Both Chrissy and Star have rather obvious crushes on him, but it becomes rather obvious that Fernando really only has feelings for Chrissy.

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