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Simon Lewicki, also known as Groove Terminator, is an Australian electronic music artist.[1]

Originally a hip-hop DJ, he eventually began spinning house music. He was featured in the 2000 Australian edition of Ministry of Sound's Club Nation series, as well as several other Ministry of Sound compilations His song 'Here Comes Another One' was the theme of the popular Australian (and worldwide) reality TV-show 'The Block'; it had earlier been used in the cult spoof-slasher film Cut (1999). Starting in late 2004, Lewicki's song "How Life Should Be" has been featured in a series of television commercials for Progressive Insurance and Sci-Fi channels Stargate series. He is also in several other bands; one being Tonite Only with Sam La More was launched in 2006 and is signed to Hussle Black, a sub-label of Ministry of Sound. In 2009, Lewicki started the electronic rock San Francisco duo Jump Jump Dance Dance with singer/guitarist Chris Carter, also known as DJ Snakepanther . Their debut album "Jump Jump Dance Dance" was due for release in August 2010 but was delayed until July 2011.

Associated Acts[edit]


  • "It's On" - 1997 Sony/DancePool
  • "Losing Ground" (feat. Lani) - 1998 EMI
  • "Is It Love?" (as Chili HiFly) - 1999 Central Station
  • "Here Comes Another One"-1999 EMI
  • "One More Time (The Sunshine Song)" - 2000 EMI
  • "You Can't See" - 2001 on EMI
  • "This Is Not A Love Song"- 2002 EMI
  • "Brand New Day"- 2002 EMI
  • "Kid Dynamite"- 2002 EMI

Jump Jump Dance Dance[edit]

Jump Jump Dance Dance (2011)

  1. Show Me the Night (4:12)
  2. City on Fire (5:11)
  3. 2.0 (3:35)
  4. How Can I Miss You? (4:07)
  5. Modern Eyes (4:19)
  6. Thank You (3:54)
  7. Do It for Love (4:28)
  8. Watching You Now (4:12)
  9. White Picket Fences (3:37)
  10. Metro (3:47)
  11. She Loves Glamour (4:24)
  12. All We Got (4:11)


  1. Thank You (2007)
  2. Do It for Love (2009)
  3. Show Me the Night (2010)
  4. Modern Eyes (2010)
  5. City on Fire (2010)
  6. 2.0 (2011)


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