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GrooveLily is an American musical trio based in New York City[1] notable for creative songwriting in different pop genres, such as rock,[2] folk, jazz,[3] and show tune.[3] The band[4] consists of Valerie Vigoda[5] and Brendan Milburn[6] along with Gene Lewin.[7][8][9] A report in the New York Times in 2004 described the group as an "up and coming trio".[10] According to Variety, GrooveLily was founded by Vigoda.[11]

A review of their 2006 performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream described their show as having "plenty of fun" with "original music" from GrooveLily, but noted problems with acoustics.[12] In 2008, Milburn & Vigoda wrote seven musical numbers for the Disney Wonder cruise ship production of Toy Story: The Musical.[1] In 2002 (and in subsequent years, opening off-Broadway in 2006), GrooveLily performed a holiday musical entitled Striking 12.[2] A Washington Post reviewer described it as an "engaging concert-style entertainment" and fusion of "cabaret act and chamber musical".[3][4] Milburn & Vigoda wrote the book, music and lyrics along with Rachel Sheinkin.[13] Variety gave Striking 12 a mixed review, saying the show's "lame wit obscures its moments of beauty" and that the trio's "politeness hinders the supposedly rebellious humor."[11]

After years of very few GrooveLily performances, the band came together to write and perform a musical called Wheelhouse about their earlier touring career on the road in a Winnebago and why they stopped touring largely because of that experience. The show premiered at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley June 6, 2012.[14]


Title Year Label Other Artist(s)
Inhabit My Heart 1994 QMR Records GrooveLily
Jungle & Sky 1996
Brendan & The Extenuating Circumstances 1998
Little Light 2000
Folk Appetizer 2001
Just The Three Of Us 2002
The Nutshell EP
Are We There Yet? 2003
Striking 12 2005 PS Classics
A Little Midsummer Night's Music 2007
Sleeping Beauty Wakes 2009
Warner-Chappell Demos 2010 2010 Warner/Chappell
Striking 12: Bonus Tracks PS Classics
Sleeping Beauty Wakes: La Jolla Playhouse Bonus Tracks 2011
Wheelhouse 2013 Independent
While You Were Out


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