Gros-Morne, Artibonite

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Gwo Mòn
Gros-Morne is located in Haiti
Location in Haiti
Coordinates: 19°40′0″N 72°41′0″W / 19.66667°N 72.68333°W / 19.66667; -72.68333Coordinates: 19°40′0″N 72°41′0″W / 19.66667°N 72.68333°W / 19.66667; -72.68333
Country Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti
Department Artibonite
Arrondissement Gros-Morne
Elevation 211 m (692 ft)
Population (7 August 2003)[1]
 • Total 300,000

Gros-Morne (Haitian Creole: Gwo Mòn) is a commune in the Gros-Morne Arrondissement, in the Artibonite department of Haiti. It has 7,294 inhabitants (2010). Gros-Morne is a rural city in Haiti. Its name means "Big Mountain."


Gros-Morne is famous for its production of the "Madame Francis" mango, in spite of the limited means of transport.[2][3]


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