Gros Mont

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Gros Mont
Gros Mont is located in Switzerland
Gros Mont
Gros Mont
Location in Switzerland
Elevation1,404 m (4,606 ft)[1]
Traversed byRoad
LocationFribourg, Switzerland
Coordinates46°32′54″N 07°11′42″E / 46.54833°N 7.19500°E / 46.54833; 7.19500Coordinates: 46°32′54″N 07°11′42″E / 46.54833°N 7.19500°E / 46.54833; 7.19500

Gros Mont is an alp and mountain pass of the Swiss Alps, located south of Charmey in the canton of Fribourg. The alp lies at the upper end of the Vallée du Gros Mont, just north of a 1,404 metre high pass connecting Charmey with Rougemont (in the canton of Vaud). This mountain pass, on the watershed between the Jogne and the upper Sarine, is the lowest point between the massifs of the Vanil Noir and the Gastlosen.


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