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Indie folk band AlascA performing at the 2011 finals

The Grote Prijs van Nederland (Dutch for "Grand Prize of the Netherlands") is a series of music awards handed out yearly since 1983 to recognize talented new Dutch musicians, both solo artists and bands. It is the largest and longest-running pop music competition in the Netherlands.[1] Previous winners include producer Junkie XL, rock band Green Lizard, rapper Brainpower, pop group Volumia! and singer-songwriter Signe Tollefsen.

The awards are given in four different music categories:

  • Rock/Alternative
  • Hiphop
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Dance/Producers

Winners receive € 5,000 each, and are given the chance to perform at Dutch music festivals such as Noorderslag and Parkpop. In addition, public choice awards and best musician awards are given out in each category. The winners of these awards receive € 1,000 each. With the exception of the public choice awards, winners are chosen by jury.

Band and musicians can enter the competition online, presenting two or three tracks along with a biography and a photo. The nominees are chosen by a jury and perform in regional quarter finals and semifinals. The finals in each category are held at the Paradiso and Melkweg venues in Amsterdam.


Roosbeef won an award in 2005


During this period, a single award was handed out each year.

  • 1983: Neel
  • 1984: GaGa
  • 1985: Gin on the Rocks
  • 1986: Longstoryshort
  • 1987: The Riff
  • 1988: One Track Charlie
  • 1989: No award given
  • 1990: La Lupa
  • 1991: Super and the Allstars
  • 1992: Doc Aerobics Lobo Probe
  • 1993: 20 Brothers House
  • 1994: No award given

Since 1995[edit]

From 1995 onwards, awards were given out in multiple categories.

Year Rock/Alternative Singer/Songwriter Dance Hiphop Public choice
1995 Raise the Roof Jacco van der Steen Ferry Corsten
1996 Green Lizard Wiger Vitringa Junkie XL, Theremin Gutt Sure as Hell
1997 Suburbs Lotte van Dijck, Marjolein Reitsma Xceptional Herdley Everett Volumia!
1998 Redivider, Itchi Bitchi Marjolein van der Klauw Prince Abooboo Brainpower Voltage, Femmes Vattaal, Chosen 4, Teussink & Van Huffelen
1999 Mind Menders Marien Dorleijn Longplayers Avalanche Ebony Impact, General Electric, Dimension Seven, Sharon Gosler
2000 Incense Maartje Teussink Quick & Brite Vigilante A Pin’s Fee, Gemini
2001 Zober Ernesto Oosthuizen Perplex Raymzter D-Men, Bump, Face Tomorrow, Orfeo
2002 Satellite7 Me Mystery Artefact Corey Busted, DAC, Henkus
2003 Eleven Marike Jager Nobody Beats The Drum Skiggy Rapz Solid Decay, Playroll, a balladeer
2004 Lemonseven Charlie Dée Drillem Typhoon Yes-R, SUWU3, Anderson
2005 Silence is Sexy Roosbeef Jawat! Impossible Situations, Left, Jiggy Djé
2006 The Kevin Costners Lucky Fonz III Blaxtar Cartes, Zwart op Wit, Signe Tollefsen
2007 Good Dog Happy Man Leine Matik Kleine Jay Dio, A Silent Express, Shirazi, Jodymoon
2008 Two Way Radio Fabiana Dammers Applescal M.O. & Brakko Space Pirates, theFringe
2009 The Cosmic Carnival Eefje de Visser Pitto Dret & Krulle Mathijs Leeuwis
2010 Ethereal Nicole Bus Individualism Kalibwoy The Fudge, Case Mayfield, Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap
2011 Woot Yori Swart Presk Zanillya Jeroen Kant, Ratten in de Schuur


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