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A pair of Groucho glasses

Groucho glasses, also known as the beaglepuss, are a humorous novelty disguise based on the stage makeup that caricature comedian Groucho Marx wore (i.e., large fake mustache, eyebrows, and glasses). They typically consist of black horn-rimmed glasses with attached eyebrows, large plastic nose, bushy moustache, and occasionally with an attached plastic cigar. Considered one of the most iconic and widely used of all novelty items, Groucho glasses were first marketed in the early 1940s[1] and are instantly recognizable to people throughout the world.[2] Groucho glasses today are often used as a shorthand for slapstick.[3]

In popular culture[edit]

  • The logo for the website Chortle depicts a pair of Groucho glasses above the 'e'; the glasses are also used as the website's favicon
  • In Red Dwarf the ship's computer Holly wears a pair when he reveals he is making a joke to crew member Dave Lister[4]


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