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Ground may refer to:

  • The Earth's surface
  • Soil, a mixture of clay, sand and organic matter present on the surface of the Earth and serving as substrate for plant growth and micro-organisms development
  • Ground, in electrical engineering, something that is connected to the Earth or at the voltage defined as zero (in the U.S., called ground; in the UK, called earth):
  • Ground (often grounds), in law, a rational motive or basis for a belief, conviction, or action taken, such as a legal action or argument:
  • Common ground, in communication, people sharing some common understanding
  • Coffee grounds, ground coffee beans
  • Socially grounded argument—in philosophy, arguments that take social conditions as their starting point
  • Ground bass, in music, a bass part that continually repeats, while the melody and harmony over it change
  • Ground tissue, one of the three types of tissue systems in a plant
  • Ground term, in symbolic logic, a term with no variables
  • Ground surface, often on metals, created by various grinding operations
  • The area of a Football stadium can be called its "Grounds"
  • Ground (unit), a unit of area used in India
  • The Ground, a 2005 album by Norwegian jazz pianist Tord Gustavsen

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