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Ground transportation or land transportation is transport of people and goods via walking, running, animals or land vehicles. This term can include references to vehicles or infrastructure, such as roads or railways.



Public ground transportation generally refers to common modes, such as taxis, buses, shuttles and railroads.


Private ground transportation, especially in the livery business, is associated with rental cars and limousines.


Airport-based services are sometimes used to shuttle people to nearby hotels or motels when overnight stay is required for connecting flights. Companies provide rental car, private bus and taxi services while mass transportation is usually provided by a municipality or other source of public funding.

Several major airports, including Denver International and JFK International, provide many types of ground transportation, often by working with livery companies and similar businesses. Smaller airports might only have a few private rental companies and a bus service. Larger airports tend to offer several different transportation options. Larger airports also sometimes have light rail and/or roads that loop around an airport to provide access from multiple terminals.

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