Grounding (punishment)

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Grounding is a common punishment for children (especially older children aged 7 and older for any misbehavior). In some cases it is suggested as an alternative to corporal punishment in the home. Typically a child or a teenager who is grounded is not allowed to leave their room and/or their house with the exception of required activities such as education (in school unless if a child gets an out of school suspension or expulsion), chores (such as mowing the lawn, in-house chores such as washing the dishes, doing laundry, etc.), meals, church, doctor appointments, funerals, and other activities.

In addition, if anyone is grounded from watching TV shows and movies on electronic gadgets, they can be punished for either watching R-rated, PG-13 and NC-17 movies, or not allowed to watch children's shows or both of them.

References to invocation of grounding is common in popular culture, and is often demonstrated on TV and movies. This term is used originally in aviation. When a pilot is restricted from flying in an aircraft due to misconduct, emergencies such as illness or other reasons, he/she is "grounded".