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Groundshare is the principle of sharing a stadium between two local sport teams. This is usually done for the purpose of reducing the costs of either construction of two separate facilities and related maintenance.[1]

Types of groundshare[edit]

Intersport Groundshares[edit]

This is two teams that do not play the same sport share a ground or a stadium. It is common in North America to see the sports of baseball and football to be coupled (although this trend is being discontinued as costs of adapting multi-modes rise). Similarly, there is a coupling of basketball and ice hockey. Two teams from the same region which play the same sport will accommodate each other by sharing grounds.[1]

Intrasport Groundshares[edit]

This is two teams that play the same sport share the same ground. These may be two non-competing teams who play at different levels, such as Bury F.C., renting Gigg Lane to F.C. United of Manchester in England.[1]

Intraleague Groundshare[edit]

This is where two teams in the same league share the same ground, such as the New York Giants and New York Jets sharing MetLife Stadium.

Examples of groundsharing[edit]

Intraleague groundshares[edit]


Intersport groundshares[edit]



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