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IndustryComputer Software
FoundedAugust 1, 1988
HeadquartersArlington, VA
Key people
Chris Broderick (CEO)
T. Reid Lewis (President)
David Stokley (CFO)
Derick Naef (CTO)
Andy Lewis (SVP)
Anders Lofgren (VP, Product Management)
Summer Benish (VP, Sales)
Todd While (VP, Mobility Solutions)
Number of employees

GroupLogic, Inc., founded in 1988 and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, USA, is an enterprise software company that develops, sells and supports software for moving and storing data including activEcho, mobilEcho, ArchiveConnect, MassTransit and ExtremeZ-IP. GroupLogic’s products are used by information technology organizations to allow employees to access and manage corporate files regardless of the type of computing platform the employee is using to access the network.

On September 13, 2012, GroupLogic announced that it became a subsidiary[1] of Acronis, a software company specializing in backup and disaster recovery products and services.


On March 13, 2012, GroupLogic announced activEcho (aE), enterprise file sharing software that provides automatic file synchronization and sharing for users while preserving the institution's security and control over its data. activEcho is managed by Active Directory and is installed on corporate servers, virtual servers, or in a private cloud by IT departments. Users can install activEcho on Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone and iPads. User may also access activEcho using popular web browsers. When combined with the company's mobilEcho App, this new solution provides mobile employees with secure access to company files and documents from wherever they may be working.

On May 23, 2011, GroupLogic announced mobilEcho (mE), mobile file management software for iPad and subsequently for the iPhone. mobilEcho allows user to access files on corporate file servers. mobilEcho is managed by Active Directory. mobilEcho operates on corporate file servers under the control of IT departments and the client operates on iPhones and iPads. mobilEcho allows for the storage and secure transfer of files back and forth directly between file servers and iPhones and iPads.[1] Also, mobilEcho is the iOS client for GroupLogic's enterprise file sharing and synching solution, activEcho.

On August 12, 1999, GroupLogic announced ExtremeZ-IP (EZ-IP), an Apple Filing Protocol server that runs on Windows operating systems and enables Mac clients to access files via the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP 3.3). ExtremeZ-IP also provides access to other Windows services such as single-sign-on (SSO) via Active Directory, printing, searching bridging Apple's Network Spotlight to Microsoft's Windows Search, file system archiving, distributed file system (DFS) and Volume Shadow Service (VSS).

On April 23, 1996, GroupLogic announced MassTransit (MT), a secure managed file transfer (MFT) system for business and other institutional customers. MassTransit operates as an automated file transfer solution and as an end user tool allowing the easy and secure transfer of digital content of all sizes, up to 100GB.


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