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For the designation in thoroughbred racing, see Group races.

The Group 2 racing class referred to regulations for cars in touring car racing and rallying, as regulated by the FIA. Group 2 was replaced by Group A in 1982.

For 1969, Appendix J of the FIA International Sporting Code defined groups for touring cars, grand touring cars and sports cars as follows: (numbers between brackets are required minimum production in 12 consecutive months).[1]

Group 2 was the principal category in the European Touring Car Challenge from 1963 to 1967 and was the secondary category to Group 5 special touring cars in 1968 and 1969. It was again the premier category when the series was renamed as the European Touring Car Championship for 1970 and continued to be so until it was replaced by Group A for 1982.[2]

The Sports Car Club of America’s Trans-American Sedan Championship was contested by Group 2 touring cars from its inception in 1966 through to the 1972 season.[3]

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