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Group 2 is a rugby league competition on the north coast of New South Wales Since 1966, run under the auspices of the Country Rugby League. The Group 2 area runs from Grafton in the north to Macksville in the south.


First Grade Clubs in Group 2 Competition[edit]

Western Suburbs colours.svg Bellingen Dorrigo Magpies
Brisbane colours.svg Coffs Harbour Comets
Canterbury colours.svg Grafton Ghosts
Faxcolours.svg Macksville Sea Eagles
Eastern Suburbs colours.svg Nambucca Heads Roosters
Australian colours.svg Orara Valley Axemen
Bullscolours.svg Sawtell Panthers
North Queensland colours.svg South Grafton Rebels
Wolvescolours.svg Woolgoolga Seahorses

Leader Board[edit]

Club Premierships
Nambucca Heads Roosters 16
Coffs Harbour Comets 14
Bellingen 11
Macksville Sea Eagles 8
Orara Valley Axeman 8
Port Macquarie Sharks 8
Smithtown 6
Sawtell 3
Macleay Valley Mustangs 1
Grafton Ghosts 1
Ngaku Warriors 1
Former Clubs
Central Kempsey
Gimbisi Valley Warriors
Dunghutti Broncos
Macleay Valley Mustangs
Ngaku Warriors
Port Macquarie Sharks

First Grade Grand Final Results 1966 - Present[edit]

Season Grand Final Information Minor Premiers
Premiers Score Runners-Up
1966 Smithtown - Macksville Sea Eagles
1967 Smithtown - Unknown
1968 Smithtown - Coffs Harbour Comets
1969 Nambucca Heads Roosters - Central Kempsey
1970 Coffs Harbour Comets - Central Kempsey
1971 Coffs Harbour Comets - Nambucca Heads Roosters
1972 Nambucca Heads Roosters - Coffs Harbour Comets
1973 Coffs Harbour Comets - Nambucca Heads Roosters
1974 Coffs Harbour Comets - Bellingen Magpies
1975 Nambucca Heads Roosters - Kempsey
1976 Nambucca Heads Roosters - Bellingen Magpies
1977 Smithtown - Nambucca Heads Roosters
1978 Sawtell 14-13 Smithtown
1979 Macksville Sea Eagles - Smithtown
1980 Bellingen Magpies - Sawtell
1981 Bellingen Magpies - Macksville Sea Eagles
1982 Bellingen Magpies - Ngaku Warriors (Kempsey)
1983 Coffs Harbour Comets - Woolgoolga Seahorses
1984 Bellingen Magpies - Coffs Harbour Comets
1985 Coffs Harbour Comets 18-10 Nambucca Heads Roosters
1986 Nambucca Heads Roosters - Kempsey
1987 Bellingen Magpies - Nambucca Heads Roosters
1988 Bellingen Magpies 50-24 Kempsey
1989 Bellingen Magpies 39-6 Coffs Harbour Comets
1990 Bellingen Magpies 22-20 Orara Valley Axeman
1991 Macksville Sea Eagles 26-26 Coffs Harbour Comets
1992 Nambucca Heads Roosters 40-6 Woolgoolga Seahorses
1993 Nambucca Heads Roosters 26-10 Macksville Sea Eagles
1994 Orara Valley Axeman 30-18 Nambucca Heads Roosters
1995 Macksville Sea Eagles 24-16 Coffs Harbour Comets
1996 Nambucca Heads Roosters 36-34 Orara Valley Axeman
1997 Orara Valley Axeman 40-32 Coffs Harbour Comets
1998 Port Macquarie Sharks 26-25 Nambucca Heads Roosters
1999 Bellingen Magpies 20-18 Port Macquarie Sharks
2000 Port Macquarie Sharks 24-12 Nambucca Heads Roosters
2001 Port Macquarie Sharks 54-26 Macksville Sea Eagles
2002 Macksville Sea Eagles 39-26 Port Macquarie Sharks
2003 Macksville Sea Eagles 30-23 Orara Valley Axeman
2004 Macksville Sea Eagles 34-23 Port Macquarie Sharks
2005 Macksville Sea Eagles 60-22 Orara Valley Axeman
2006 Port Macquarie Sharks 22-18 Sawtell Panthers
2007 Macksville Sea Eagles 32-24 Orara Valley Axeman
2008 Orara Valley Axeman 19-18 Woolgoolga Seahorses
2009 Sawtell Panthers 21-20 Macksville Sea Eagles
2010 Port Macquarie Sharks 41-16 Coffs Harbour Comets
2011 Sawtell Panthers 29-28 Nambucca Heads Roosters
2012 Macleay Valley Mustangs 36-12 Nambucca Heads Roosters Nambucca Heads Roosters
2013 Coffs Harbour Comets 42-20 Nambucca Heads Roosters Coffs Harbour Comets
2014 Grafton Ghost 18-16 Coffs Harbour Comets
2015 South Grafton Rebels 46-18 Coffs Harbour Comets South Grafton Rebels

Notable Players from Group 2 to play NRL[edit]

Player Club
Greg Inglis Bowraville Tigers JRL
Albert Kelly Smithtown Tigers JRL
Kevin Gordon Sawtell Panthers JRL
Aiden Tolman Smithtown Tigers JRL
Wayne Bartrim Macleay Valley Mustangs
Matt Donovan Macksville Sea Eagles
Paul Davis Port Macquarie, Macksville and Dunghutti

Junior Clubs in Group 2 Competitions[edit]

Junior Clubs
Bellingen Magpies
Bowraville Tigers
Coffs Harbour Comets
Kempsey Dragons
Nambucca Heads Roosters
Orara Valley

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