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Footdown is a group bicycle game where the objective is to avoid put your foot on the ground. Participants cycle around until there is only one person who has not put their foot down on the floor, whether it be the full foot, or just a toe. Rules vary, sometimes hands may be used to knock opponents off their bike, sometimes feet may be used, or hands on and feet on is a more polite game.[clarification needed]

The playing area is usually flat area such as basketball courts or tennis courts, once a player has set a foot down on the ground and is eliminated they use their bike as a border, all the eliminated players will create the circular border making the area smaller and smaller as the final participants battle to the end.

It is quite legitimate to steer a competitor into the curb so they have no choice but to put their foot down. Note that this game favors those with a good sense of balance. Footdown may be played on any type of bike. A variant of footdown called 'derby' is played by the SCUL bicycle chopper gang.

On November 3, 2007 Circuit BMX shop, located in Pawtucket, RI, recently hosted the 1st Footdown World Championships.[1] Twenty six contestants entered the event with George Costa taking home the overall win and cash purse to become the 2007 Footdown World Champion.

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