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Logo Groupalia.jpg
Type of site
Electronic commerce
Headquarters Barcelona, Spain
Employees 250 (August 2014)
Website [1]
Commercial Yes
Launched May 2010
Current status Active

Groupalia is the trade name for Groupalia Compra Colectiva SL, an online group buying company based in Spain. Groupalia sells leisure packages: travel, services and products. The company was established in Barcelona in May 2010.[1] Its first virtual shop was in Barcelona, followed by Madrid.

The company had its first round of funding in April 2010, $15 million, and a second one in August, a $26 million round.[2]

Groupalia is based in Barcelona (Spain), it employs over 300 people and has more than 6 million users worldwide.[3] The current director of the company is Albert Bosch.

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