Groupement des écoles d'aéronautique

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The Groupement des écoles d'aéronautique (GEA France) (in English French aeronautical universities network) includes three French national aerospace engineering grandes écoles[1] focused on this scope:[2]

The Institut sino-européen d'ingénierie de l'aviation of Tianjin[edit]

The Institut sino-européen d'ingénierie de l'aviation (Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering) of Tianjin[3] has been created by the GEA grandes écoles,[4] in partnership with DGAC and French companies (EADS, Airbus, Thales, Eurocopter, Safran[5]) as part of a Franco-Chinese cooperation following the implantation of an Airbus A320 assembly plant in Tianjin.[6] The university opened in October 2007, trains Chinese students. They follow a course in aerospace engineering, taught in French and in six years, a first year of learning the French language, followed by two years of classes préparatoires and three years of aeronautical engineering.

Mastères Spécialisés in Tianjin[edit]

Not linked with the engineering training, three Mastères Spécialisés are taught at the Institut sino-européen d'ingénierie de l'aviation of Tianjin:[7]

These courses are for Chinese students who wants to join the aeronautical sector.