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Groupiful is a project management web application designed to help teams manage their tasks and projects. Groupiful officially launched as a beta version in January 2014.[1] On August 18, 2014, Groupiful announced a major upgrade which included a new interface, Dropbox integration and project templates.[2]


Groupiful is designed to enable teams to create and share tasks, files, events and notes for their projects.[3] Groupiful allows teams to communicate using posts and comments.[4] Groupiful supports multiple projects for each user and allows each user to view the most important information from each of their projects from the Dashboard.[5]


Groupiful is free for ten projects and teams of up to five people. Groupiful offers tiered Premium plans which provide additional projects, larger teams and increased file storage.

On March 31, Groupiful announced a Premium Plans for Teams and Businesses service, which provides subscribers with more projects, larger teams and increased file storage. Premium Plans for Teams and Businesses featured shared subscriptions, which allows a subscriber to share their subscription with other users, simplifying Groupiful's adoption by organizations.[6]

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