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This article is about the high school in Grove, Oklahoma. For other schools with the same name, see Grove High School (disambiguation).
Grove High School
Grove, Oklahoma
United States
Coordinates 36°35′57″N 94°45′02″W / 36.5991562°N 94.7506854°W / 36.5991562; -94.7506854Coordinates: 36°35′57″N 94°45′02″W / 36.5991562°N 94.7506854°W / 36.5991562; -94.7506854
Type High School
Motto Together Everyone Achieves More through Growth, Responsibility, Organization, Values, and Education
School district Grove Public Schools
Superintendent Sandy Coaly
Principal Renae Dozier
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 718 (2013-2014 School Year)[1]
 • Grade 9 189
 • Grade 10 184
 • Grade 11 169
 • Grade 12 176
Student to teacher ratio 15.64
Team name Ridgerunners

Grove High School is a public high school in the town of Grove, Oklahoma, United States. It is one of four schools in a school district that includes Grove Lower Elementary School, Grove Upper Elementary School and Grove Middle School.

The school mascot is the "Ridgerunner".


The U.S. state of Oklahoma requires students to take four units of English, three units of mathematics and three units of science in order to graduate.[2] Students must also complete a unit of American History, a half unit of Oklahoma History, a half unit of United States Government and an additional unit in social studies courses.[2]

Oklahoma high schools must provide an elective physical education course, unless provided an exemption by the Oklahoma State Department of Education due to undue hardship.[3]

Students are also required to take two units of a non-English language, two units of computer technology and a unit of fine arts or speech.[2]

Grove High School also offers Advanced Placement courses and concurrent enrollment courses through the Northeast Oklahoma Career Tech Center.[4]

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Grove High School offers a robotics education program.[5]


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