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Grover Lee Broadfoot (December 27, 1892 – May 18, 1962) was a chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.[1]

Born in Independence, Wisconsin, Broadfoot moved with his family to Mondovi, Wisconsin, where he graduated from high school.[2] Broadfoot graduated from the University of Wisconsin, where he also received his law degree in 1918, and then enlisted in the army during World War I.[2] Later he was the district attorney of Buffalo County, Wisconsin and was mayor of Mondovi, Wisconsin from 1943 to 1947.[2] In 1947 he served in the Wisconsin State Assembly until June 5, 1948, when he resigned to become Attorney General of Wisconsin.[2] He then resigned on November 12, 1948, when he appointed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.[2][3] In 1962 he became chief justice, serving until his death.[4][5] He died of a heart ailment in Minneapolis.[2]


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