Grovetown, New Zealand

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Grovetown is located in New Zealand Marlborough
Coordinates: 41°28′52″S 173°58′5″E / 41.48111°S 173.96806°E / -41.48111; 173.96806Coordinates: 41°28′52″S 173°58′5″E / 41.48111°S 173.96806°E / -41.48111; 173.96806
Country New Zealand
Region Marlborough

Grovetown is a locality in Marlborough, New Zealand. State Highway 1 runs past the settlement to the west, and the Wairau River flows past to the northeast. Spring Creek is about 2.5 km to the north, and Blenheim is about 3.5 km to the south.[1][2] To the east is Grovetown Lagoon, an oxbow loop of the Wairau River.[3]


Grovetown School is a coeducational contributing primary (years 1-6) school with a decile rating of 7 and a roll of 49.[4]


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