Grow Fins: Rarities 1965–1982

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Grow Fins: Rarities 1965–1982
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ReleasedMay 18, 1999
Captain Beefheart chronology
The Legendary A&M Sessions
Grow Fins: Rarities 1965–1982
I'm Going to Do What I Wanna Do: Live at My Father's Place 1978
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Allmusic3.5/5 stars[1]

Grow Fins: Rarities 1965–1982 is a 5-HDCD box set compiled from previously unreleased recordings by Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band. The featured material spans the band's entire career, but focuses mainly on their work up to the late 1960s and the sessions for Beefheart's best-known album, Trout Mask Replica (1969).

Track listing[edit]

Disc one: Just Got Back From the City (1965-67)
1."Obeah Man" (1966 demo)2:46
2."Just Got Back from the City" (1966 demo)1:55
3."I'm Glad" (1966 demo)3:43
4."Triple Combination" (1966 demo)2:50
5."Here I Am I Always Am" (early 1966 demo)3:17
6."Here I Am I Always Am" (later 1966 demo)2:33
7."Somebody in My Home" (live Avalon Ballroom '66)3:03
8."Tupelo" (live Avalon Ballroom '66)4:15
9."Evil" (live Avalon Ballroom '66)2:33
10."Old Folks Boogie" (live Avalon Ballroom '67)3:15
11."Call On Me" (1965 demo)3:04
12."Sure 'Nuff 'n Yes I Do" (1967 demo)2:11
13."Yellow Brick Road" (1967 demo)1:45
14."Plastic Factory" (1967 demo)2:57
Disc two: Electricity, 1968
1."Electricity" (live at Cannes 1968)3:42
2."Sure Nuff" (live at Cannes 1968)3:00
3."Rollin n Tumblin" (Kidderminster 1968)11:10
4."Electricity" (Kidderminster 1968)3:42
5."You're Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond" (Kidderminster 1968)6:28
6."Kandy Korn" (Kidderminster 1968)4:23
7."Korn Ring Finger" (1967 demo)7:23
Disc three: "Trout Mask House Sessions, 1969
1."Hobo Chang Ba" and "Dachau Blues" tuning up"4:59
2."'bush recording'"8:18
3."Hair Pie: Bake 1"5:04
4."Hair Pie: Bake 2"2:44
6."Hobo Chang Ba"2:02
7.""Hobo" practice"1:58
8."Hobo Chang Ba" (take 2)3:08
9."Dachau Blues"2:06
10."Old Fart at Play"1:23
12."Pachuco Cadaver"4:08
13."Sugar 'n Spikes"2:40
15."Sweet Sweet Bulbs"2:31
16."Frownland" (take 1)2:51
19."Ella Guru"2:33
21."She's Too Much for My Mirror"1:30
23."Steal Softly thru Snow"2:22
25."My Human Gets Me Blues"2:54
27."When Big Joan Sets Up"4:32
29."Candy Man"0:57
30."China Pig"4:15
Disc four: "Trout Mask House Sessions Pt. 2
1."Blimp" playback"5:09
2."'Herb Alpert'"1:07
3."'Septic tank'"0:51
4."'We'll overdub it 3 times'"5:26
Disc five: "Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Grow Fins (1969-81)
1."My Human Gets Me Blues" (live Amougies '69)3:56
2."When Big Joan Sets Up" (live 'Detroit Tubeworks' 1971)6:13
3."Woe Is Uh Me Bop" (live 'Detroit Tubeworks' 1971)2:46
4."Bellerin Plain" (live 'Detroit Tubeworks' 1971)3:26
5."Black Snake Moan I" (KHSU '72)1:04
6."Grow Fins" (live Bickershaw '72)5:12
7."Black Snake Moan II" (WBCN '72)1:52
8."Spitball Scalped Uh Baby" (live, Bickershaw '72)9:15
9."Harp Boogie I" (WBCN '72)1:35
10."One Red Rose That I Mean" (Town Hall '72)1:48
11."Harp Boogie II" (WBCN '72)0:56
12."Natchez Burning" (WBCN '72)0:46
13."Harp Boogie III" (1972 radio phone in)0:53
14."Click Clack" (Paris, '73)2:53
15."Orange Claw Hammer" ('75 from radio with Zappa on acoustic guitar)4:39
16."Odd Jobs" (Don piano demo, '76)5:13
17."Odd Jobs" (full band demo '76)5:12
18."Vampire Suite" (1980 worktapes/live)3:49
19."Mellotron Improv" (live '78)1:25
20."Evening Bell" (Don piano demo '81)0:57
21."Evening Bell" (Lucas worktape '81)2:18
22."Mellotron Improv" (live '80)2:23
23."Flavor Bud Living" (live '81)1:17


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