Growing Flowers By Candlelight

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Growing Flowers By Candlelight
Studio album by Ainslie Henderson
Released July 15, 2006
Genre Acoustic, indie rock
Label Amphibian Husbandry
Producer Marc Pilley

Growing Flowers By Candlelight is the debut album by Ainslie Henderson, released independently in July 2006. Written by Henderson and Hobotalk frontman Marc Pilley, it features original artwork by brothers Joseph and Tobias Feltus from design company FeltusFeltus, who also designed and created Henderson's official website.

The Daily Record described the album as "a reflective and introspective record which could find a home with fans of Damien Rice, Nick Drake and acoustic R.E.M.... littered with sparse and dusty story songs about girls, love and breakups."

In August 2006, tracks from the album received airplay during Jim Gellatly's evening radio show on XFM Scotland.

Track listing[edit]

Track Song Length
1. "Dust" 2:35
2. "Don't Say" 3:49
3. "I Need Reminded" 3:17
4. "Day Trip" 4:32
5. "Go Back To Sleep" 3:43
6. "Love I Remember" 3:11
7. "Finding A Lighthouse" 3:15
8. "Body To Bed" 4:13
9. "Man Made" 3:55
10. "Roald Dahl Books" 3:45
11. "While They Wait" 2:38

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