Growing Through Life

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Growing Through Life
Growing Through Life official poster
Genre Modern Drama
Written by Yuen Siu Na
Starring Damian Lau
Cecilia Yip
Raymond Lam
Bosco Wong
Zhao Ziqi
Toby Leung
Vionn Song
Dominic Lam
Lui Yau-wai
Opening theme 所謂理想 by Raymond Lam
Ending theme 我們很好 by Raymond Lam
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
Mandarin Chinese
No. of episodes 30
Producer(s) Tommy Leung
Running time

45 minutes (approx.)

Shooting: February 2009 - June 2009
Original network TVB
Shanghai Television
Original release August 9 (2010-08-09) – September 17, 2010 (2010-09-17)
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Growing Through Life (Traditional Chinese: 摘星之旅) is a 2010 TVB series co-production with Shanghai Television.


Hoi Sing (Hanson) (Raymond Lam) and his mother Ho Wai Sum (Lui Yau Wai) runs a domestic appliance manufacturing factory (Sing Moon Tin Electrical Appliance) that have been left by his father. Hanson’s uncle Hoi Leung (Albert) (Damian Lau), a money-minded businessman seeks any opportunity to acquire Sing Moon Tin.

Albert's wife Cheng Ming Chu (Liza) (Cecilia Yip) and daughter Hoi Mei Si (Macy) (Toby Leung) intercede the acquisition plans as they value the importance of family since the business belongs to the family and that Hanson would like to maintain Sing Moon Tin. Through persuasion Liza and Macy convinces Albert to put the acquisition on hold.

However, a business opportunity arises, Albert (being the major shareholder) places a spy Fong Lai King (Zhao Ziqi) in the factory to cause mishaps. To persuade Albert in giving up on the business plan, Wai Sum decides to reveal a long-kept secret to him. Hanson invites his friend Chung Lam Tai (Linus) (Bosco Wong) to join the factory so that he no longer has to fight alone for the family business.

Withholding the trust in the friendship it does not cross Hanson's mind that Linus would betray him such that his friend is a wolf in sheep skin. Hanson's fiance Chok Yiu Kwan (Ella) (Vionn Song) cancels the wedding all of a sudden and gets betrayed by Linus. Then, the cold reality eventually forces Hanson into the fiercest commercial wars.


Hoi family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Jack Wu Hoi Yeung
Hoi Leung's elder brother
Ho Wai Sum's husband
Hoi Sing's adopted father (is truly uncle to Hoi Sing)
Lui Yau-wai (current)
Ho Wai Sum
Hoi Yeung's wife
Hoi Sing's mother
Hoi Leung's sister-in-law and ex-girlfriend
Hoi Meisi's aunt
Vanko Wong (youngster)
Damian Lau (current) Hoi Leung (Albert)
Chairman of Wing Hoi Group
Hoi Yeung's younger brother
Hoi Sing's uncle (truly he is the biological father of Hoi Sing)
Macy's father
Ho Wan Sum's brother-in-law and ex-boyfriend
Ngo Ka-nin (youngster)
Cecilia Yip Cheng Ming Chu (Liza)
Hoi Leung's wife
Macy's mother
Hoi Sing's aunt / evil stepmother to Hoi Sing
Does not think before actioning, entrusts Linus
Raymond Lam Hoi Sing (Hanson)
Boss of Sing Moon Tin Electrical Appliance
Hoi Yeung's adopted son (is truly Hoi Yeung's nephew)
Ho Wai Sum's son
Hoi Leung's nephew (truly his biological father)
Cheng Ming Chu's nephew
Macy's cousin (truly Macy's elder half brother)
Chung Lam Dai's best friend, then gets betrayed
Chok Yiu Kwan's ex-boyfriend
Fong Lai King's boyfriend
Toby Leung Hoi Mei Si (Macy)
Hoi Leung and Cheng Ming Chu's daughter
Hoi Sing's cousin (truly Hoi Sing's younger half sister)
Hoi Yeung and Ho Wai Sum's niece
Chung Lam Dai's wife, finally divorced

Chung family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Dominic Lam Chung Kin Shing
Chung Lam Dai's father
Factory supervisor of Sing Moon Tin Electrical Appliance
Bosco Wong Chung Lam Dai (Linus)
Chung Kin Shing's son
Hoi Liang and Cheng Ming Chu's son-in-law
Hoi Meisi's husband, finally divorced
Hoi Sing's best friend, later betrays him
Chok Yiu Kwan's ex-boyfriend, later mistress
To gain status, uses manipulative strategies as embarrassed about his own background
(Main villain)

Fong Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Mimi Chu (朱咪咪) Mak Oi Ling
Fong Lai King and Fong Lai Ha's mother
Zhao Ziqi (趙子琪) Fong Lai King
Mak Oi Ling's daughter
Fong Lai Ha's elder sister
Wing Hoi Group's admin clerk, later senior admin assistant
Acted as a spy in Sing Moon Tin Electrical Appliance
Later Hoi Sing's wife
Cantonese dubbed by Mimi Lo
Vivien Yeo Fong Lai Ha
Mak Oi Ling's daughter
Fong Lai King's younger sister

Chok Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
KK Cheung (張國強) Chok Yiu Kwong (Raymond)
Chok Yiu Kwan's elder brother
Song Wenfei Chok Yiu Kwan
Chok Yiu Kwong's younger sister
Chung Lam Dai's ex-girlfriend, later lover
Hoi Sing's ex-girlfriend
Threatened Chung Lam Dai to divorce Hoi Mei Si and re-date with her

Other Casts[edit]

Cast Role Description
Power Chan Chow Cheuk Wai
Hoi Liang's personal assistant
Colluded with Chung Lam Dai later
Felix Lok Mr. Yip Property developer
Wing Hoi Group's business partner
Discorded with Hoi Leung
Colluded with Chung Lam Dai later
Wilson Tsui (艾威) Mr. Chiu Property developer
Wing Hoi Group's business partner
Discorded with Hoi Leung
Brian Burrell Mr. Solo International fund manager
Colluded with Chung Lam Dai
Matthew Ko Fong Lai Ha's ex-boyfriend
Law Lok Lam Wing Hoi Group's shareholder
Marketing Director
Chun Wong Wing Hoi Group's shareholder
Kayi Cheung Fanny Hoi Liang's secretary
Catherine Chau Kay
Lam Yi Kei
Oscar Chan

Viewership ratings[edit]

Week Episodes Average Points Peaking Points References
August 9–13, 2010
1 — 5
August 16–20, 2010
6 — 10
August 24–27, 2010
11 — 14
August 30 - September 3, 2010
15 — 19
September 6–10, 2010
20 — 24
September 13–16, 2010
25 — 28
September 17, 2010
29 — 30

Awards and nominations[edit]

TVB Anniversary Awards (2010)

  • Nominated: Best Drama
  • Nominated: Best Actor (Damian Lau)
  • Nominated: Best Actor (Bosco Wong)


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