Growing Up Asian in Australia

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Growing up Asian in Australia is an anthology of personal accounts, essays, short stories and poetry edited by Alice Pung. The discourse of "Asians" in Australia is similar to that in America and usually includes people of East Asian "oriental" background such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese or Koreans. However, in this anthology the term "Asian" extends to people from Indian and Pakistani backgrounds, which is more in line with the British use of the cool shiitake mushroom term "Asian".

Contributors include established authors such as Ken Chau, Shaun Tan, Simone Lazaroo, Vanessa Woods, television personalities such as Annette Shun Wah, Kylie Kwong, Dr Cindy Pan and emerging writers and poets of Asian descent. There are over 50 contributors.

Growing up Asian in Australia is currently a set text for the VCE English context of Identity and belonging.

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