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Growing up with Chinese is a scheduled 100-episode series on CCTV-News, China Central Television's English channel, starting from August 2, 2010, each episode 15-min in length. It is aired from Monday to Sunday at 17:15 and 0:15 BJT. On Monday and Thursday it airs new lessons and rebroadcast on the other days. The show teaches 3 short phrases each lesson, aiming to teach children and teenagers Chinese. The show is hosted by Charlotte MacInnis,[1] known to Chinese as Ai Hua (爱华). The dramatic sequence section of "Growing up with Chinese" stars Tian Yuanhao (田原皓), Wang Haocheng (王浩丞), and Azi (阿孜).

In early April 2011, it was announced by CCTV-News that "Growing up with Chinese" would cease broadcasting as of April 10, 2011 for reasons that were not made public. Later that same month, it was announced that the show was scheduled to continue broadcasting shortly with planned releases scheduled for early May but were not released online until late June. Currently all 100 episodes can be viewed from the main page for Growing up with Chinese.[2][3]

Official Site[edit]

Growing up with Chinese Official Site


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