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Industry Computer software
Founded 2011 (2011)
Headquarters London
Area served
Key people
Thomas Gatten, Founder and CEO,
Prashant Majmudar, CTO,
Hal Varian, Chief Adviser
Products software-as-a-service (SaaS) product to B2B

GrowthIntel (formerly known as Growth Intelligence) is a UK technology company offering a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product to B2B corporations wanting to search for sales leads.The software tracks the performance activity of every registered company in the UK by analysing the firm’s web behaviour. This activity is collated in real time by searching through large amounts of publicly available data from the internet. “GrowthIntel listens to the sound that companies make on the internet and the signals given off and looks at a whole range of noisy information, but together with smart machine-learning algorithms we can say something about the companies in the economy,” said Tom Gatten, CEO and founder.[1][2]

In July 2013 the company was commissioned by National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) to estimate the amount of UK technology companies in the UK. The research found that there were 40% more such companies than previously thought. The report received wide coverage and was discussed in The Guardian,[3] The BBC,[4] The Telegraph[5] and The Financial Times.[6][7]


GrowthIntel was founded by former journalist Thomas Gatten in 2011. He then moved into business intelligence, starting a consultancy which investigated companies by manually producing qualitative reports. After partnering with software and big data engineer, Prashant Majmudar – CTO, in 2011 they put together GrowthIntel - a move from a consultancy service to a more automated system. In December 2012, the company applied and gained a place on the Accenture FinTech accelerator, during which they were mentored by some of the leading financial institutions.

In 2012 the company was joined by Hal Varian as Chief Adviser.[8] Hal Varian is Chief Economist at Google and an emeritus professor at University of California, Berkeley where he was founding Dean of the School of Information.[9]

How does the technology work?[edit]

The system is SaaS-based, on a subscription model via the website.[10] Companies are filtered by revenue, growth, sector, companies which make particular products, B2B or B2C, whether it has an upcoming acquisition, associated terms, names and many more. The software delivers a list of registered companies in the UK that meet the filtered requirements, allowing sales to be targeting to a specific company for which a product meets their needs. The Department for Business within the UK government is also using the product to monitor the effect of policy in real time. “GrowthIntel can tell whether companies are growing or declining as a result of the policies made, while the government used to wait a couple of years to see if it has worked,” says Gatten.[11]

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