Grrr Records

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Grrr Records
Parent company Allumés du Jazz
Founded 1975 (1975)
Founder Jean-Jacques Birgé
Genre Avant-garde jazz
Country of origin France
Location Paris
Official website Official site

Grrr Records is a French avant-garde jazz record label founded by Jean-Jacques Birgé in 1975.[1]

The first LP was Défense de by Birgé-Gorgé-Shiroc which became a cult-album [2] after having been quoted in the Nurse with Wound list. Grrr has been issuing CDs since 1987 with L'hallali by Un Drame Musical Instantané,[3] led by multi-instrumentalist Jean-Jacques Birgé, trumpeter Bernard Vitet and guitarist Francis Gorgé,[4] main group of the label which also produced the albums of multi-instrumentalist composer Hélène Sage, accordionist Michèle Buirette and female trio Pied de Poule (M. Buirette, bassist, Geneviève Cabannes, and singer Dominique Fonfrède).

In 1997, Carton by Birgé-Vitet (with Michel Séméniako's photographs) is their first enhanced-CD and Birgé's first multimedia artwork as an author. It will be followed by Machiavel [5] by Un d.m.i. (CD-audio + CD-ROM), with an interactive video sessions of 111 loops by J-J. Birgé and Antoine Schmitt.[6] Last albums produced by Grrr, are Établissement d'un ciel d'alternance, duet with Birgé and famous French writer Michel Houellebecq who reads his own text (No. 26), and Échappée belle by Hélène Sage (No. 27).

Since 2011 Grrr has issued 137 hours of freely downlable material (69 online albums, 928 music pieces). Grrr belongs to Les Allumés du Jazz, 66 French independent jazz and improvised music labels.

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