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Gruffudd or Gruffydd (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈɡrɨ̞fɨ̞ð] or [ˈɡrɪfɪð], in either case) is a Welsh name, originating in Old Welsh as a given name and today used as both a given and surname. It is the origin of the Anglicised name Griffith[s], and was historically sometimes treated as interchangeable with the etymologically unrelated Germanic name Galfrid (Latinised as Galfridus). The Welsh form evolved from the Common Brittonic Grippiud or Gripuid.[1]

The name may refer to the following people, often with either spelling used, among other variants such as Gruffuth, Griffudd, etc. (see Griffith (name) for details, hypocoristic forms, etc.):

As a given name[edit]

As a surname or patronymic[edit]

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