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Praia de Grumari.jpg
Grumari is located in Rio de Janeiro
Grumari is located in Brazil
Location in Rio de Janeiro
Coordinates: 23°03′12″S 43°32′06″W / 23.05333°S 43.53500°W / -23.05333; -43.53500Coordinates: 23°03′12″S 43°32′06″W / 23.05333°S 43.53500°W / -23.05333; -43.53500
Country  Brazil
State Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Municipality/City Rio de Janeiro
Zone West Zone

Grumari is a neighborhood in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Grumari is a municipal park and is the city's only neighborhood with no residents. Grumari has beaches that have not changed in hundreds of years. Salt marsh vegetation grows next to the beach and a rain forest surrounds its hills.

A nude beach is next to Grumari beach called Abricó beach (Portuguese for Apricot beach). It is the only nude beach around the city. Five virgin beaches with pristine vegetation are in this neighborhood: Inferno Beach (Hell's beach), Funda beach (Deep Beach), Búzios beach (Whelks beach), Meio's beach (middle's beach) and Perigoso beach (dangerous beach).

The word Grumari comes from ancient South American dialects.[clarification needed] the word refers to the tip of a mammal's nipples. In the same way, the beach sticks out onto the ocean, "feeding" the fish.[1]


Grumari Neighborhood Gallery
Prainha, called "little beach" in English 
Grumari Beach Parking 
Kiosk on the beach 
Abricó nude beach entrance 
An Entrance board with the rules of Abricó Nude Beach 
Grumari Panorama 
Grumari Beach, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro City, Left corner of the beach 
Grumari Beach, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro City, Right Corner of the beach 
Grumari Beach, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro City, Rocky Islands 
Road to Grumari Beach 
Grumari Swamps 
Wild Virgin Beach at Grumari Neighborhood. Hell´s Beach or Praia do Inferno, in Portuguese 
Night view Of Grumari 
A Nude Beach at Grumari]] 


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