Grumeti Game Reserve

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Grumeti Game Reserve
Area411.89 km2 (159.03 sq mi)
DesignationGame reserve
Governing bodyTanzania National Parks (TANAPA)

The Grumeti Game Reserve is found in Tanzania. It was established in 1993. This site is 411 km2.[1]

On the northwestern border of the famous Serengeti National Park, there is the Grumeti Game Reserve: a migration corridor for herds of animals that naturally pass through the area.[2]

This is where it is easy to see the movement of huge herds of wildebeest and zebra and this describes the Serengeti/Mara ecology itself.[3]


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Coordinates: 2°01′14″S 34°12′40″E / 2.020572°S 34.21100°E / -2.020572; 34.21100