Grumeti River

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Grumeti River
Serengeti wildebeest migration JF.jpg
Wildebeest crossing a small part of the river
Physical characteristics
 • location
Speke Gulf, Lake Victoria

The Grumeti River is a river in Mara Region, Tanzania, situated almost entirely the western corridor of Serengeti National Park. It flows westward and mouths into the Speke Gulf of Lake Victoria.

Great Migration Crossing[edit]

It is a major river crossing for the Serengeti Great migration. During May to August, thousands of wildebeest and other animals cross the crocodile-infested waters.[1]It is famed for this sight alongside Mara River.[2]


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Coordinates: 2°05′05″S 33°48′00″E / 2.08463°S 33.80008°E / -2.08463; 33.80008