Grumeti River

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Grumeti River
Serengeti wildebeest migration JF.jpg
Wildebeest crossing a small part of the river
Physical characteristics
 • location
Speke Gulf, Lake Victoria

The Grumeti River is a river in Mara Region, Tanzania, situated almost entirely within the western corridor of Serengeti National Park. It flows westward and mouths into the Speke Gulf of Lake Victoria.

Great Migration Crossing[edit]

It is a major river crossing for the Serengeti Great migration. During May to August, thousands of wildebeest and other animals cross the crocodile-infested waters.[1] It is famed for this sight alongside Mara River.[2]


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Coordinates: 2°05′05″S 33°48′00″E / 2.08463°S 33.80008°E / -2.08463; 33.80008