Grund, Luxembourg

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Grund, in central Luxembourg City.

Grund (Luxembourgish: Gronn) is a quarter in central Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. It is located in the valley below the centre of Luxembourg City on the banks of the Alzette River and, in addition to being a picturesque area, is a popular nightlife precinct which can be accessed by foot or via a lift which descends through the cliff. As of 2011, the quarter has a population of 784 people, of which only 33% are Luxembourgers.[1]

The Grund is home to Mosconi, a one-star Michelin restaurant which specializes in pasta [2] and Kamakura, a Japanese restaurant.

Amazon has an office in Grund.[3]

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Coordinates: 49°36′40″N 6°08′10″E / 49.611°N 6.136°E / 49.611; 6.136