Grupo Alacrán

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Grupo Alacrán
Active 1952-present
Country  Argentina
Branch Gendarmería Nacional Argentina
Type Special Forces
Role Counter-Terrorism and Law Enforcement
Size Brigade

The Grupo Alacrán (Scorpion Group) is a special operations service of the Argentine National Gendarmerie, often referred as the Equipo Antiterrorista de Gendarmería (Gendarmerie Counter-terrorism Team). The division is headquartered in Evita City and responds to high-risk and counterterrorist situations throughout Argentina, but primarily in the rural areas. They also provide limited dignitary protection for government officials traveling in these areas. The members of this unit wear green berets with unit insignia.


The basic gear for every Alacrán officer is a standard assault rifle or SMG and pistol. Alacrán Group would gain other weaponry including shotguns and sniper rifles depend on the situation encountered.

The following are the common weapons used by Alacrán Group:

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