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Grupo Lala, S.A.B. de C.V.
Traded as BMVLALA B
Industry Dairy
Founded 1950; 67 years ago (1950)
Headquarters Gómez Palacio, Durango, Mexico
Products Milk, Juice, Cream, Desserts, Cheese, Yogurt and Butter

Grupo Lala is a Mexican dairy company, founded in 1950 in Torreón, Coahuila. It is the only dairy company that operates nationwide in Mexico. It expanded into the United States in 2008, acquiring a manufacturing plant in Omaha, Nebraska, and in 2009, LALA acquired National Dairy, Farmland Dairies and Promised Land. The company's Chairman is Eduardo Tricio and the CEO is Scot Rank. LALA is now the largest dairy company in Latin America. The company name makes reference to its origin "La Laguna", a region located in Northern Mexico where the Mayran Lagoon is located.[1]

Grupo Lala was listed 12th in Dairy Foods magazine list of the top 100 North American dairies. It was the only dairy from Mexico to be listed in the top 100.[2]

LALA U.S.[edit]

LALA U.S. is a subsidiary of Grupo LALA, but operates independently in the United States under the name Borden Dairy Co. The company’s base is in Dallas, Texas.[3]

In August 2015, Borden Dairy Co. was listed as the 24th largest dairy company in North America by Dairy Foods magazine.[4]

Grupo Lala purchased National Dairy from Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. (DFA), in 2009.[5]

Prior to its purchase by Grupo Lala, National Dairy encompassed numerous dairy brands including: Borden, Dairy Fresh, Velda Farms, Flav-O-Rich, Sinton’s, Cream O’ Weber, Meyer Dairy, Dairymens, Coburg Dairy, Goldenrod and Georgia Soft Serve Delights.[4]

Yogurting Campaign[edit]

In early 2016, LALA U.S. launched its first nationwide advertising campaign to promote its drinkable yogurt smoothie products. The campaign uses the hashtag “#yogurting” in television and internet ads, as well as in social media.[6]

The launch included the introduction of LALA Greek Yogurt Smoothies plus three new LALA Yogurt Smoothie flavors: cherry vanilla, pomegranate blueberry and vanilla almond cereal. That's in addition to the LALA Yogurt Smoothies 14 original flavors.[7]

LALA Yogurt Smoothies are available at various retailers across the country including Walmart, Albertson’s Safeway, Publix, HEB, ShopRite and others.[8] LALA has targeted a demographic called “Shapers On the Go” who value health and convenience. About 60% of the target audience is made up of millennials.[9]

On Feb. 23, 2016, LALA Yogurt Smoothies were featured as the sponsor of a comedy sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which Jimmy's sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez is tricked into jumping over a pit of live snakes.

On March 4, 2016, LALA Yogurt Smoothies were the commercial sponsors of another well-received comedy skit, this time on Conan featuring Conan's prop Master Bill Tull.

LALA was also the featured sponsor for a game sketch called "View Your Tune" in March on ABC's The VIew. The segment was hosted by Paul Shaffer.


  • Lala
  • Yomi Lala
  • Peti Zoo
  • Bio4
  • Lalacult
  • Nutri Leche
  • Los Volcanes
  • Monarca
  • Mileche
  • Boreal
  • Break
  • Bio Balance
  • Siluette
  • Natural'es
  • Las Puentes
  • Borden
  • Bell (Lala has a minority stake)


  • Borden (Texas, Louisiana)
  • Coburg Dairy (South Carolina)
  • Cream O'Weber (Utah)
  • Dairy Fresh (Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi)
  • Dairymens (Ohio)
  • Farmland (New Jersey)
    • Clinton
    • Special Request
    • Welsh Farms
  • Flav-O-Rich (Kentucky)
  • Gilsa Dairy (Nebraska)
    • Frusion
    • La Creme
  • Goldenrod (Kentucky)
  • Meyer Dairy (Cincinnati)
  • Promised Land (Texas)
  • Sinton's (Colorado)
  • Velda Farms (Florida)



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