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Grupo Nutresa S.A.
TypeSociedad Anónima
IndustryFood processing
FoundedApril 12, 1920; 102 years ago (April 12, 1920)
Area served
Key people
Carlos Ignacio Gallego, (Chairman & CEO)
Ice Cream
Processed Meat
RevenueIncrease US$ 3.1 billion (2020)[1]
Increase US$ 956.2 million (2012)
Number of employees
ParentGrupo Empresarial Antioqueño
SubsidiariesCompañía Nacional de Chocolates
Oriental Coffee Alliance (Malaysia)
Kibo Foods
Galletas NOEL
Galletas Pozuelo
Alimentos Zenú
Meals de Colombia
Setas de Colombia
Pastas Doria

Grupo Nutresa (in English: Nutresa Group), formerly Grupo Nacional de Chocolates S.A.(in English: Chocolate National Group S.A.)[3] is a food-processing conglomerate headquartered in Medellín, Colombia.[3]

The group's principal activities are producing, distributing, and selling cold cuts, biscuits, chocolates, coffee, ice cream and pasta.[3] The company markets its products under approximately 70 different brands in 65 countries.[4] Other activities include the investment or application of resources or cash under whatever form authorized by law and the exploration of the metal-mechanic and packaging industry.

In 2004, the group began their international expansion, acquiring several companies in Central America and the Caribbean. As of 2008, the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates continues expanding and consolidating its presence in the region. The market value of the company grew by a factor of 25 in the decade leading up to 2010 (to US$6 billion).[1] Though originally a chocolatier, the sale of chocolates contributed only 19% to sales in 2010.[5]

Company history[edit]

Formation of the group[edit]

In 1896, Fábrica de Galletas y Confites—a company making biscuits (cookies and crackers) and confectionery—was set up in Medellin, Colombia.[2] In 1925, the company changed its name to Fábrica de Galletas Noel S.A. and again in 1999 to Compañía de Galletas Noel S.A. In 1920, a chocolate-processing company under the name of Compañía Nacional de Chocolates Cruz Roja was founded and later changed its name to Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, S.A. In 1933 this chocolate company bought an interest in the biscuit company paving the way for the formation of the conglomerate. From 1933 to 1958, the group continued to consolidate its distribution network resulting in strengthened national presence and corporate image.[2]

In the business of coffee[edit]

In 1933 the "Sello Rojo" (Red Label) brand was created when the company entered the coffee business.[2] In 1950, with the boom of the coffee industry, Compañía Colombiana de Café S.A.- Colcafé, was created and soon become an important Colombian export company. The first export of any company of the group was in 1961—coffee to Japan.[2]

International expansion[edit]

In 1993, the confectionery company, Compañía Dulces de Colombia S.A. was set up. In 1995, the organization's trading companies were established abroad forming what is known today as the Cordialsa network, first in Ecuador and second in Venezuela. The company also made its first investment abroad and expanded its meat-processing business with Industrias Alimenticias Hermo de Venezuela S.A.[2] In 1999, the organization spun off two of its companies, Noel and Zenú.

In 2003, the holding company Inversiones Nacional de Chocolates S.A. came into being, with important interests in chocolate and coffee businesses as well as the organization's food investment company Inveralimenticias (which has holdings in the meat, cookie and confectionery business). In 2004, the organization began expanding into Central America and the Caribbean through the purchase of Nestle's cookie and chocolate plants in Costa Rica. In 2006, the organization changed its name to Grupo Nacional de Chocolates S.A. On 1 February 2007, Grupo Nacional de Chocolates purchased Peruvian company Good Foods S.A. and the Winter's brand for US$36 million through its Peruvian subsidiary Compañía Nacional de Chocolates de Perú S.A.[6]

Image change[edit]

On 31 March 2011 the company changed its name to Grupo Nutresa in a move made to emphasize the diversity of its products that now includes pasta and cold cuts.[1]


  • Colombia: Jet Chocolate, Jumbo Bars, TOSH, Zenú, Ranchera, Saltin Noel Crackers, Ducales Crackers, Festival cookies, Colcafé, Montblanc chocolates, Doria Pasta, Crem Helado, Cordillera origin chocolate.
  • Peru: Winter's, Chin Chin, Picaras, Granuts, Chocolisto, Cordillera.
  • Costa Rica: Tutto, Cocoa Dulce, TOSH, Cordillera.
  • México: Nucita, Cremino, Muibon.
  • USA: Kibo Foods, Lil Dutch Maid, TruBlu.
  • Chile: Kryzpo, Muibon, TMLUC.

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