Grupo de Ações Táticas Especiais

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Grupo de Ações Táticas Especiais
Special Actions and Tactics Group
Active Aug. 1st, 1988–present[1]
Country  Brazil
Branch Brasão PMSP.PNG Military Police of São Paulo State
Type Police tactical unit
Role Hostage Rescue
Specialized Tactical Law Enforcement
Part of 4th Shock Police Battalion (4°BPChq)
Garrison/HQ São Paulo

Grupo de Ações Táticas Especiais (Portuguese for Special Actions and Tactics Group), mostly known by its acronym GATE, is a special operations force within São Paulo's military police.


Exercício conjunto de enfrentamento ao terrorismo (27103030952).jpg

Created in 1988, the GATE is subordinate to the 4th Shock Police Battalion, which in turn is subordinate to the Shock Police Command (CPChq). It was initially made up of former members of ROTA. At the company level is commanded by a captain and is operationally divided into tactical teams as well as a bomb squad.

The GATE is one of the most modern special tactics groups of the country, focusing its operations in high-risk situations such as rescuing hostages, raids on high-risk sites and bomb disposal. Operational doctrine provides performance in urban areas

It currently has about 6 tactical teams, a bomb squad and addition support elements.


GATE modeled its operational performance after American police SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) groups. Later complemented it's doctrine after Europeans special operations police groups like, GSG9 (German federal police) and the GIGN - Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (France).


Currently, enrollment in GATE is given upon completion of course Special Tactical Actions, lasting 30 days. Considered to be one of the most demanding course of the Military Police of São Paulo State. The course despite not being extensive require great dedication and excellent physical fitness. Another important aspect is the willingness, once the international doctrine provides that voluntary action is paramount to any member of special forces condition.

  • Recruits

Admissions are made on the Training Course for Soldiers Military Police of São Paulo. Later lends itself to the internal competition for the Course Special Tactical Actions. For Sergeants, Sergeants Course of Course and later the Special Tactical Actions.

  • Officers

Admission takes place through the course of Bachelor of Police Sciences Security and Public Order. Later the officers are also required to complete the Course Special Tactical Actions.

Media depiction[edit]

The group appears constantly in the media, either for their meritorious performances or occurrences which generated controversy. Currently the GATE has been appearing in the media much in the face of constant trips of explosives placed by criminals at ATMs.


Various types of weapons used by GATE:

C-4 (explosive) - explosive [3]

Other equipments: