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Renovation Participation Solidarity Group (in Italian: Gruppo Rinnovamento Partecipazione Solidarietà) is a local political party in Lusigliè, Italy. It has a long-standing history: it was founded in 1994, but it is active still today, over three decades after it firstly partook in Lusigliè municipal elections. In 2011, it has won the elections and Angelo Marasca has become the new Mayor.


In the table here below you can find the Renovation Participation Solidarity Group members who succeeded in being elected. The "Relative Approval Rate Index" can be computed as the ratio between Renovation Participation Solidarity Group votes and the votes belonging to the winning party; it has grown higher and higher over time: during the 2009 elections there was a gap of only 3 votes.

Year Candidate Mayor Members (elected Councillors) Relative Approval Rate Index RAR Index Growth
1994 Marasca Angelo Delaurenti Graziano, Lege Cristian, Marasca Angelo, Truffa Tea 25,73% -
1999 Truffa Tea Marasca Angelo, Delaurenti Graziano, Defilippi Antonio, Truffa Tea 60,91% +35,18%
2004 Marasca Angelo Defilippi Antonio (replaced by Delaurenti Graziano), Marasca Angelo 64,29% +3,38%
2009 Marasca Angelo Delaurenti Graziano, Capello Alessio, Lege Davide, Marasca Angelo 98,39% +34,10%
2011 Marasca Angelo Ariano Monica, Capello Alessio, Delaurenti Graziano, Lege Davide, Binando Igor, Toscana Mattia 110% +11,61%


The aim of Renovation Participation Solidarity Group is to promote local economic development and to involve citizens in the decision-making process (for instance, through open town councils).

Municipal Elections[edit]

Renovation Participation Solidarity Group collected 21% of votes in 1994,[1] raised up to 38% during the 1999 election.[2] Three different lists ran in 2004 Election; From the polls, the list got more than 28% of the votes,[3] while the majority halted at 43%. During the last elections, held in 2009, Renovation Participation Solidarity Group got the 49.6% of votes.[4] In 2011, the Group has won the local elections: Angelo Marasca has become the new Mayor of Lusigliè.

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