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Gruppo Sportivo are a Dutch pop band, from The Hague, formed in 1976, who enjoyed some measure of international success in the late 1970s and 1980s. They're known for songs such as Hey Girl, Beep Beep Love, Tokyo (I'm On My Way), Disco Really Made It and Rock 'n' Roll. The frontman of the band, and writer of the material, is Hans Vandenburg.

Their first single was "Out There In The Jungle" (Polydor 1976), but the height of their career came with the two albums Ten Mistakes (1977) and Back to 78 (1978). They came to popularity just after the height of punk rock, but were regarded as more post-punk, veering more towards the mainstream pop.[citation needed] Their track "Dreamin'" off of Mistakes received much college radio airplay in the US. They were admired for their live performances, which had great humour and slapstick. Their most well-known song is "Beep Beep Love" (from the album Ten Mistakes), which enjoyed some success both in the UK and US. The UK's Radio & Records voted them "Top Newcomer '78".

In July 2006, the Japanese girl band, Puffy AmiYumi, recorded a new version of "Tokyo", originally recorded by Gruppo Sportivo in 1978.

Gruppo Sportivo is currently on a hiatus ('studio only band' according to Vandenburg). In June 2015 Vandenburg (aka Van DeFruits) released his solo album Dig It Yourself, which included Gimme Your Love, Nine Inch Nails re-make Various Methods Of Escape and Groovin', a song he originally wrote with the late Dutch singer Herman Brood in the 80's. It was released on green vinyl (along with the bonus download album OK iPad featuring 9 songs for kids) and is also availabele digitally (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer a.o.).

Original line-up[edit]

  • Hans Vandenburg: guitar/vocals;
  • Peter Calicher: Keyboards;
  • Max Mollinger: Drums, Vocals;
  • Eric Wehrmeyer, Bass;
  • Josee van Iersel, Vocals
  • Meike Touw: Vocals

Present line-up[edit]

  • Hans Vandenburg: guitar/ vocals;
  • Peter Calicher: keyboards/ vocals;
  • Max Mollinger: drums;
  • Joris Lutz: bass;
  • Lies Schilp: vocals;
  • Inge Bonthond: vocals


Gruppo Sportivo[edit]

  • Rare Tracks - Polydor (1976/77)
  • Ten Mistakes - Ariola (1977)
  • Back to 78 - Ariola (1978)
  • Mistakes - Sire (1979)
  • More Mistakes (7") - Sire (1979)
  • Buddy Odor is a Gas - Pye (1979)
  • Copy Copy - Ariola (1980)
  • Pop! Goes the Brain - Ariola (1981)
  • Rhythm is a Constant Beat (12") - Ariola (1981)
  • Design Moderne - Ariola (1982)
  • Sombrero Times - Ariola (1984)
  • Sucker of the Century - JAWS Records (1986)
  • Back to 19 Mistakes - BMG/Ariola (1987/88)
  • Young and Out - Dutch VAN [2 CD Box] (1992)
  • Sing Sing - Dutch VAN (1993)
  • Second Life - Amsterdamned Records (1997)
  • Married With Singles - Pseudonym Records (2000)
  • Topless 16 - Pias (2004)
  • DVD Career Movies (2006)
  • Rock Now, Roll Later! - Pias [2CD](2007)
  • The Secret of Success - T2 Entertainment (2011)

Hans Vandenburg[edit]

  • Buddy Odor is a Gas - Pye (1979)
  • Hans Vandenburg's Commercial Break - VAN Records (1994)
  • Shake Hands With Vandenburg - VAN Records (1996)
  • Ouwe Hans Dierenpark - Uit Het Leven Gegrepen - VAN Records (1998)
  • Dierenpark - Sliptong - Suburban (2002)
  • Dierenpark - Tot Ziens, Bedankt, Het Beste Van Dierenpark Live! - My First Step Records (2006)


"We picked our name because we saw it on a poster and liked the sound...and we are a sort of team. We write in English because no one else outside Holland speaks Dutch and we want our songs to be heard and listened to everywhere." (Hans Vandenburg)[citation needed]

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