Grzymisława of Luck

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Grzymislawa of Luck
Grzymisława z synem.JPG
Grzymisława and her son
High Duchess consort of Poland
Tenure 1207–1210
Born 1185-1195
Died circa 8 November 1258
Spouse Leszek ("the White")
Issue Salomea of Poland
Helena, Princess of Bielsk
Bolesław V ("the Chaste")
House House of Piast
Father Ingvar of Kiev

Grzymisława Ingvarevna of Luck (born probably between 1185 and 1195[1] died probably 8 November 1258[2]) was a Princess of Krakow, daughter of Ingvar of Kiev, Grand Prince of Kiev and Prince of Lutsk from the Rurikid Dynasty.


In 1207, Grzymisława married Leszek ("the White"),[3] Prince of Krakow. This marriage was part of Leszek's avowed policy of eastward expansion. After the assassination of her husband (24 November 1227), she became regent on behalf of her minor son Bolesław V ("the Chaste"). After becoming independent Boleslaw still exerted considerable influence from his mother on his government. Grzymislawa was closely linked with the Monastery of the Franciscans in Zawichost where she became benefactress. She died between 14 June and 24 December 1258 (it is possible that she died on 8 November). She was probably buried in the Franciscan monastery in Zawichoście.[4]

There are also different views on Grzymisława's origins with some historians positing that Leszek ("the White") married or became engaged in 1207 or 1208 to the daughter Ingwar, whose name is unknown. Later, between 1208 and 1211, he married Grzymisława, perhaps the daughter of Yaroslav of Kiev.[5]

Grzymisława and Leszek had three children:

  1. Salomea (1211/1212 – 1268), married Coloman of Lodomeria; later beatified by Pope Clement X.
  2. Helena (d. 1265), married Vasilko Romanovich[6]
  3. Bolesław V the Chaste (21 June 1226 O.S. – 7 December 1279 O.S.), succeeded his father



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Grzymisława of Luck
Born: 1185–1195 Died: 1258
Royal titles
Preceded by
Lucia of Rügen
High Duchess consort of Poland
Succeeded by
Preceded by
High Duchess consort of Poland (second time)
Succeeded by
Lucia of Rügen