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Gsi (UK) - stood for the company "Générale de Service Informatique" Limited.

Gsi (UK) was formed when Société Générale acquired the company CRC (Cybernetics Research Consultants) [1] in London, UK, in the late 1970s.[2] The company was renamed to Gsi and traded as a market research and computer services provider, with offices in Stanhope Road, Camberley, Surrey, UK and the main computer centre in Deal avenue, Slough, Berks, UK.

The Gsi services included:

  • computer bureau (online timesharing services), based on Honeywell, Rank Xerox Sigma and, later, Amdahl mainfraime computer systems.
  • A turnkey vehicle retail dealership system called Exel2. The system included Vehicle Part Sales, Workshop, CRM and Accounting modules. It was written in DIBOL and ran on DEC PDP-11 and VAX computer systems.
  • market research data gathering and analysis (as had been previously provided by Cybernetics Research Consultants).

The bureau services arm of the company took advantage of the development of commercially available microcomputers, offering them as an alternative to dumb teleprinter terminals. The microcomputers used the CP/M operating system, and were generally programmed in BASIC, giving customers a potential cost-saving - they could enter new/update data, and batch it up on the microcomputer, and then connect and download it to the mainframe as a batch file, thus minimising online connect time - which was otherwise a significant cost.


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