Guáitara River

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Guáitara River
Santuario de Las Lajas, Ipiales, Colombia, 2015-07-21, DD 21-23 HDR-Edit.JPG
Bridge over the Guáitara at Las Lajas Sanctuary, Ipiales
Guáitara River is located in Colombia
Guáitara River
Mouth location in Colombia
Native name Rio Guáitara
Country Colombia
Basin features
River mouth 1°35′14″N 77°26′46″W / 1.587231°N 77.446132°W / 1.587231; -77.446132Coordinates: 1°35′14″N 77°26′46″W / 1.587231°N 77.446132°W / 1.587231; -77.446132
River system Patía River

The Guáitara River (Spanish: Rio Guáitara) is a river of Colombia. It is a tributary of the Patía River.


The Guáitara River rises in Ecuador just south of the Colombian border and flows north to join the Patia.

In its lower reaches the river is in the Patía Valley dry forests ecoregion.[1]

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